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Review: Halaltrip.com

There are two types of vacations: successful ones, and the ones you hope to survive. Having survived stomach worms in India, a heat wave in Italy, and the ghetto-slums of Ukraine, I’ve learned that successful vacations require good planning, good company, and trustworthy advice.

Halaltrip.com works to prevent “survival trips” by providing much needed advice to an overlooked marketing niche – the Muslims. It unites Muslim tourists, both veterans and newbies, to rate their travel accommodations, the area’s friendliness towards us, hotel perks (like women-only pools), and areas to avoid. The coolest feature about Halaltrip.com is that they’ve created a network for Muslim travelers that acts as a virtual encyclopedia and scrap-book of shared experiences and pictures on various countries, cultures, and masjids.

The site is a major step forward in promoting the Muslim voice, even if tourists offer quick one liners.  Masha Allah, this site really has the potential to make hotels andtourist destinations worldwide cater to the Muslim consumer. There’s always hope, insha Allah!  Maybe the next time I travel, I’ll know of an awesome masjid and spare my family body-guard duty while I pray in public.

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  • This is a continuation of Hajj journal, chapter 1 and chapter 2.

    Madinah was a place of firsts for us and provided clues to the trip to come. We got off the plane like tourists, giddy and exhausted. The giddiness dissipated as we stood in line to be processed by a series of clerks who were the first in the long line of alternately aggressive and apathetic bureaucratic employees we would encounter during our hajj journey. The chaos of getting onto a bus and checking in to the hotel was the first of many moments of chaos we would encounter. We got settled in our hotel room and immediately set off with two friends from Houston for the masjid an Nabawi.

    Being in the masjid an Nabawi and visiting nearby mosques of historical significance would give us the first taste of the terrible pushing crowds we would experience. In that way it was beneficial to go to Madinah first – it prepared us as best we could be for the crowds to come in Mecca. My husband and friends made plans to get up after a few hours of sleep to pray tahajjud at the mosque, but I was tired and disoriented and opted for sleep instead.

    December 31, 2005, ~3:15 a.m. Room 317, Hilton Madinah. I’ve been up for about an hour or so, taking my time and having a nice hot shower. Husband left to see the Rawdah ~1:30 a.m. but I thought I wanted to sleep more – as it turned out I wasn’t as tired as I thought, and got up shortly thereafter. The plan is for my friend and I to go to fajr together at the masjid an Nabawi and stay to see the Rawdah. After that we’ll meet our husbands back at the hotel and go on the tour of historic sites and such. Unfortunately the plan isn’t 100% clear to me, though, as far as what time my friend and I are meeting, and I will likely end up walking over to fajr alone. I’m kind of nervous about doing things alone.

    So I’m looking out the window right now watching people steadily walking towards the Prophet’s masjid. Madinah is like a party town in total reverse – people are out at all hours of the night to pray, not to party.

    I was totally jonesing for some coffee, even though I’m down to one cup in the morning and really do well without it. I was simply dreaming of sitting down with a hot cup of black bitter coffee when I started writing. I ordered a small Arabic coffee from room service and ended up with a carafe full of tea-colored cardamom-flavored hot beverage, which I’m hoping has caffeine in it…

    I see so many people heading towards the masjid that I keep thinking it will run out of space – but then I remember it can hold a million people within the building and surrounding grounds. It’s enormous! And gorgeous. Subhanallah! Off I go.

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  • This is a continuation of Hajj journal, chapter 1. The first leg of our trip took us from New York to Madinah. Once we got to the airport I continued to muse on the things for which I would ask God’s forgiveness. In a lecture I had listened to in preparation for hajj, the sheikh described the day of Arafat as the most important day of a Muslim’s life. I recalled the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) words about the day of Arafat:

    There is no day on which Allah frees more of His slaves from Fire than the Day of Arafat, and He verily draws near, then boasts of them before the angels, saying: “What do they seek?”

    December 29, 2005, ~9:15 p.m. At JFK. Feeling really good now after a brief bout of “eye ache” [pain in my eyes that’s often a precursor to a migraine]. I drank a tall Starbuck’s Americano and now I feel much more energized. I also got myself up and chatting, which helped. Talking to a friend, I found out her story is much like mine, although she’s a born Muslim from the middle east. She didn’t practice her deen for many years; about four years ago she returned to being a practicing Muslim, although her family hasn’t necessarily followed suit. Like me, she will be making du’a on Arafat for her closest family.

    This afternoon on the way home from lunch Daughter kind of laughingly made reference to stupid terrible things I did as a mother and it made me cry. On Arafat I will have so much to beg forgiveness for as a mother. I apologized to her and told her my “bad mother moments” are top on the list of things I will ask to be forgiven for. I still can’t imagine what that day in Arafat is going to be like. There are so many things I’ve done wrong that have kind of hidden or festered somewhere inside me because of my inability to manage my feelings about them. I can only imagine what it will feel like to confront my guilt, acknowledge it, feel it as really part of my life and part of me and then beg for pardon.

    …~Midnight, I think. Aboard Saudi Air flight 34 headed to Madinah. The flight was scheduled to leave at 9 and just now left, but it was a delay I was prepared for, as we’ve been told again and again to anticipate delays and that patience will be essential to successfully navigate and finish this trip and the hajj. The plane has TV screens that during taxiing transmit the picture from a camera mounted outside the plane. When at long last the plane came to the takeoff strip and began speeding over the white arrows pointing out, out, out, I felt that now I am a pilgrim; now the pilgrimage has begun.

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  • My husband and I went on hajj two years ago, alhamdulillah, and I kept a journal of my experiences. I’m sharing it here, and will do so over a series of posts. I’ve made minor editing changes and have left out people’s names. Although I’ve taken out some of the more private details, this is a very personal journal and I hope it will serve to personalize the centuries-old journey that is hajj.

    We started our trip – which lasted almost three weeks – by visiting my family in New Jersey. Our itinerary would take us from New York to Madinah, where we would stay for two days before going on to Mecca.

    December 25, 2005, ~11:45 a.m. (eastern time). On the plane from Houston to Newark. I’ve been trying to decide if I’m a pilgrim as of today, in a broad sense, that is. Although I’m not yet headed toward Madinah, today is the first day of a journey that will ultimately make a hajji of me, insha Allah. On the other hand, though, it’s Christmas and we’re on our way to visit my family for a few days. It’s hard to get my head around one or the other or both trips. I feel disoriented. I’m still really nervous about hajj and feel like I’ll be in a fog the whole time in NJ. I do want to stay focused on hajj and preparing myself for it.

    So strange – melange of the many “ME’s” I’ve been – kid, high school, wife, mother, single girl, Muslim, then much more Muslim. When I broke away from my old life, I didn’t go in the direction I planned. This is the alternative, one that is, of course, quite superior. I’m almost – well, just about – to the point of not regretting my choices of the last few years, and maybe somehow this trip is the thing that will seal my acceptance of the life I chose and the life Allah guided me to.

    I never actually thought about that before – that if I do hajj seriously and I do it well none of the other stuff I’ve prioritized or valued will seem so important. Hajj – pilgrimage – should make me feel like I’m truly a Muslim first and everything else secondarily, and in support of, my deen. I imagine that when I see the kaaba and when I see Arafat, places of such ancient history, I will feel so rooted in the beliefs Allah has given us since the days of Adam that nothing else will truly matter. If I can open my heart wide enough and absorb the experience enough I can feel content and satisfied. I look out the plane window and see the clouds. I’m traveling in a beautiful place above everything else, a place whose essence is much purer and simpler than life below. When I descend I hope I will be purer and simpler too.

    December 27, 2005, ~ 6 p.m. At my parents’ house. I’m a little weary. We went into the city [New York] today – me, husband, Dad, daughter, sister and niece – and went to the MOMA, walked around Rockefeller Center (which was crazy crowded) and had lunch at a restaurant on 48th Street and 5th Avenue. It was so crowded we didn’t get to do much more. I feel bad for niece because she really wanted to go to the American Girl store (whatever that is; I think it’s a kind of doll) but the line was ridiculous.

    December 28, 2005, ~10:30 p.m. Last night at my parents’ house. Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for brunch at 11:30. Then the limo comes for us at 2 p.m. It all seems unreal. I finally got shoes for the trip that I’m happy with. I’ve been way overeating. Tomorrow will be a day to move on. I am nervous.

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  • Hajj Reflections: 2007

    My heart yearns for Makkah. I want more…

    This year Allah swt blessed me and my parents with the humbling opportunity to make our hajj, and what an experience it was.

    Words cannot fully describe the way I felt about my trip, what it’s like being there, what I saw, but if I had to choose a word, it would be “magnanimous”. Everything about it was magnanimous, in a way that could only be created by God. If anyone had any doubts before, they fell over backwards the minute they step foot into Makkah.

    Alhumdulilah, our flight there, Jeddah airport, luggage, all that went smoothly. All along, I had been mentally preparing myself for all the horror stories other people had told me about. We arrived safely at Jeddah, and while getting our luggage, one of the sisters tripped over a pole and fell down, landing on her outstretched arm. I scrambled to remember anything I had learned from my rotations, trying to help. But alas she had broken her arm. Her arm was casted and alhumdulilah, she remained in good spirits then and throughout the trip.

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  • Asalamu Aleekoum To All

    As a person who works with a travel agency that provides a Hajj package, and has been a Hajj guide, I would like to clarify a few things.

    First of all in regards to peoples complaints about why people in the office are not responsive to their clients is because until the last two weeks before travel we are still coordinating with the Saudi Government to organize our trip. Just as you are waiting for us we are waiting for Saudi Government to be responsive. We here in the US are use to one system and expect to have everything we want on time. Although that is a good quality you must understand we are dealing with people who run on their own time and since they have control over everything and they are trying to organize over 2 million Hajjies all over the world we must be PATIENT and CONSIDERATE! You know once a person decides that they are going to Hajj their Hajj journey beings at that time. You must be in Hajj mode until you complete it, and try to remain in it after Hajj.

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  • Hajj is Arafah

    “Sister don’t forget to make duaa for me too” I heard as I stood facing the qiblah making duaa. I looked down to my right and found a sister lying on her back relaxing and taking a rest as the most important day of Hajj passed her by.

    The most important day of Hajj is the day of Arafah (the 9th day of thul hijjah) as the Prophet PBUH said “Hajj is Arafah”. Pilgrims are to go to Arafat and spend the day from Thuhr until Maghrib in supplication and remembrance of Allah SWT.

    Alhamdulillah I was able to perform hajj during the 2006-2007 hajj year. Upon my arrival to the site where my group and I would be staying during these blessed hours, I found myself confused. Where was the mountain of Arafah? I quickly learned we were far from the mountain and would not be seeing it but that we were standing in the boundaries of Arafah and would be gaining the same reward as those standing on the mountain itself. The best advice I received before embarking on my hajj journey especially when it comes to the time spent in Arafah was:

    • Be prepared both mentally and physically
    • Do not waste time – time is precious as the number of hours are limited
    • Face the Qiblah while making supplications and remembering Allah-not the mountain
    • It is not necessary to be on the mountain of Arafah (it is best to stick with your own group)
    • Eat lightly to not tire yourself
    • Be prepared for heat
    • Anticipate long commute times and finally

    I made dua’a for that sister, myself and the entire Muslim Ummah that Allah SWT would grant us the wisdom to realize our blessings and strength to reap the benefits of this great day. Aameeen.

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  • Chasing the Hereafter

    Less than two years ago, I was able to perform Hajj, and, al hamdullilah, it was a great blessing to be chosen out of the millions of Muslims to journey to the house of Allah. The opportunity to have my sins forgiven and to experience a true journey of the heart- subhanAllah- it was just too important let the experience slip by. So I kept a journal of my Hajj.

    I believe it is the most helpful item I’ve brought back from Hajj. Looking back at my entries, I realize how much the journey to the House of Allah (SWT) was an opportunity to clear my mind. Life is so much more peaceful and reflective without all the gadgets, cell phones, emails, internet, TV, and mp3s. Al hamdulilah, with just my pen and journal in hand, I was able to get away, renew my faith and return to Allah (SWT).

    In one of my entries, as we drove out of Mina, passed by Muzdalifa and the sign for Arafah, I wrote: SubhanAllah, it felt like only yesterday when we arrived in Makkah but it will feel like tomorrow when we leave this Holy City. SubhanAllah, I already miss the time I spent in Mina, my humbling experience in Arafah, and sleeping outdoors in Muzdalifah. SubhanAllah, Hajj is really a purification of the soul and you realize this when the dunya is no longer as big of a priority. At Hajj, you leave all those worldly worries behind and turn to increase your worship of Allah (SWT). Dad put it best, “Back home, people are chasing the world, but at Hajj, people are chasing the Hereafter.”

    – Edited By: skhaliqi

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  • The Greatest Journey

    Traveling to the house,
    The greatest journey,
    Illuminating visages,
    Brotherhood and unity,

    Covered in their garments,
    A sense of purity,
    Moving smoothly along,
    In close proximity.

    Bodies assembled to worship,
    Moving about peacefully,
    Moving in sync,
    Full of activity

    The House of Allah,
    And amazing beauty!
    An honor to be there,
    Oh, what a sight to see!

    A physical challenge,
    A strange burst of energy,
    Traveling in order,
    In constant uniformity,

    The voice of a child,
    Reciting so beautifully,
    With the Qur’an in his hands,
    Looking so seriously,

    The recitation of Al-Sodais,
    Heard so very clearly,
    Echoing through Makkah,
    Reverberating through the city,

    In Holy Zamzam water,
    Bathing jubilantly,
    Cleansing their very souls,
    Letting their sins go free.

    Praising Allah,
    Praising constantly,
    Here I am, Oh Lord,
    Praising communally.

    Poet/Author: Iman Mashaal

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  • Freezing in Muzdalifa

    If there was one moment that stood out from Hajj, it was the night I spent freezing in the valley of Muzdalifa. We obviously weren’t prepared, but my family and I didn’t know what to expect. We were told to only bring a few blankets. Our bus reached Muzdalifa and I looked out the window to see hundreds of people lying on the bare floor. It took our bus several minutes to weave through the valley and reach our campsite, and once we got off, I was shocked. This is where we would be spending the night? All I saw was dirt with some grass on it!

    My family started walking through the sleeping pilgrims to reach the bottom of a large hill. We laid our blankets and I pulled a rock closer to me as a pillow. I looked around for miles and all I could see were pilgrims. Some had sleeping bags, normal blankets, and pillows (which I envied), but others only had themselves and huddled together. I knew sleeping under the stars was going to take on a whole different meaning. There was absolutely nothing between me and the sky.

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