Many Muslims will set off for hajj this year with the desire to come back a changed person. The journey to the Ka’baa will offer them an outlet for self-reflection and growth, but how can one commit to staying away from temptation once they’ve left the Holy Land? Studies show that writing goals help one to stay focused, organized and motivated. Outline your expectations of hajj and what you hope to achieve from it by using these 5 helpful tips to create your Hajj Resolutions.

  1. Focus on Your Goals: What do you want from Allah? Dedicate one list to short term goals and another for long term goals. Be specific about your goals and realistic about the time frame in which you plan to achieve them. Remember to pace yourself so that you don’t burn out. If you know someone who has accomplished your goal, ask them about the methods they’ve used.
  2. Identify Your Weaknesses: This takes brash honesty and a real desire to change. What are some of your typical excuses to get out of work? Once you’ve identified your excuses, you’ll be able to work against them.
  3. Weigh Your Deeds: If you’ve been able to keep up with your goals, reward yourself with something special. However, if you’ve fallen behind, work to rectify your actions. A good way to monitor your behavior is by keeping a journal or schedule of your progress.
  4. Have a Support System: Establish a spiritual connection with Allah by making continuous du’a for strength to reach your goals. Keep in mind that it’s only through Allah’s will and mercy that you will be able to accomplish anything. Secondly, research suggests that it is also important to tell a confidant about your goals so that they can help keep you motivated and encouraged.
  5. Be Optimistic: When you feel like you’ve hit a wall or that you have too much work left to do, look back at all the work you’ve accomplished to re-motivate yourself.

Remember, a sign of an accepted hajj is whether that individual has returned in a better state than when he arrived

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