Less than two years ago, I was able to perform Hajj, and, al hamdullilah, it was a great blessing to be chosen out of the millions of Muslims to journey to the house of Allah. The opportunity to have my sins forgiven and to experience a true journey of the heart- subhanAllah- it was just too important let the experience slip by. So I kept a journal of my Hajj.

I believe it is the most helpful item I’ve brought back from Hajj. Looking back at my entries, I realize how much the journey to the House of Allah (SWT) was an opportunity to clear my mind. Life is so much more peaceful and reflective without all the gadgets, cell phones, emails, internet, TV, and mp3s. Al hamdulilah, with just my pen and journal in hand, I was able to get away, renew my faith and return to Allah (SWT).

In one of my entries, as we drove out of Mina, passed by Muzdalifa and the sign for Arafah, I wrote: SubhanAllah, it felt like only yesterday when we arrived in Makkah but it will feel like tomorrow when we leave this Holy City. SubhanAllah, I already miss the time I spent in Mina, my humbling experience in Arafah, and sleeping outdoors in Muzdalifah. SubhanAllah, Hajj is really a purification of the soul and you realize this when the dunya is no longer as big of a priority. At Hajj, you leave all those worldly worries behind and turn to increase your worship of Allah (SWT). Dad put it best, “Back home, people are chasing the world, but at Hajj, people are chasing the Hereafter.”

– Edited By: skhaliqi

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