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January 10, 2008

From a Travel Agency Prespective

Posted in: Hajj and Umrah Stories

Asalamu Aleekoum To All

As a person who works with a travel agency that provides a Hajj package, and has been a Hajj guide, I would like to clarify a few things.

First of all in regards to peoples complaints about why people in the office are not responsive to their clients is because until the last two weeks before travel we are still coordinating with the Saudi Government to organize our trip. Just as you are waiting for us we are waiting for Saudi Government to be responsive. We here in the US are use to one system and expect to have everything we want on time. Although that is a good quality you must understand we are dealing with people who run on their own time and since they have control over everything and they are trying to organize over 2 million Hajjies all over the world we must be PATIENT and CONSIDERATE! You know once a person decides that they are going to Hajj their Hajj journey beings at that time. You must be in Hajj mode until you complete it, and try to remain in it after Hajj.

On that note Hajj is unpredictable you must be ready physically and mentally for anything to happen. You may be in a group but don’t expect to have the same Hajj experience as the person next to you. Allah (SWT) has written out the hardships and easy for each person to go through. On this journey for Allah (SWT) nothing materialistic counts, and you are suppose to go through hardship. As a person who has experienced a very easy Hajj and a difficult one, I would prefer the hardship that way you feel like you earned your Hajj. I am in no way discrediting either or, but on my trip people in the group would complain about things that are not controllable and if things didn’t go there way I never heard the end of it.

As for the comments of Muzdalifa; what everyone needs to understand is that is just a plane place, some people stay until Fajir and some stay until 12:05pm regardless of the fact its unpredictable and you must be ready to move on the second. It’s not like Mina where you are set there for a few days. Muzdalifa is max 13 hours. As for it being freezing cold, last year 2006 it was really cold but that was the first time people experienced that, so this past Hajj 2007 everyone thought its going to be freezing and brought all there Luggage with them extra sleeping bags sweater, and it was beautiful weather and they were suffering with all there extra luggage. So everyone must keep in mind you just never know what to expect.

All in all there is always room for improvement, and we should always try to improve ourselves. May Allah (SWT) give us the strength and patient to pass through our journey for ALLAH (SWT) Please forgive me if I said something wrong or offended anyone.

Thank you
Salaaamu Aleeekoum

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