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April 11, 2010

Review: Halaltrip.com

Posted in: Pre-Hajj, Pre-Umrah

There are two types of vacations: successful ones, and the ones you hope to survive. Having survived stomach worms in India, a heat wave in Italy, and the ghetto-slums of Ukraine, I’ve learned that successful vacations require good planning, good company, and trustworthy advice.

Halaltrip.com works to prevent “survival trips” by providing much needed advice to an overlooked marketing niche – the Muslims. It unites Muslim tourists, both veterans and newbies, to rate their travel accommodations, the area’s friendliness towards us, hotel perks (like women-only pools), and areas to avoid. The coolest feature about Halaltrip.com is that they’ve created a network for Muslim travelers that acts as a virtual encyclopedia and scrap-book of shared experiences and pictures on various countries, cultures, and masjids.

The site is a major step forward in promoting the Muslim voice, even if tourists offer quick one liners.  Masha Allah, this site really has the potential to make hotels andtourist destinations worldwide cater to the Muslim consumer. There’s always hope, insha Allah!  Maybe the next time I travel, I’ll know of an awesome masjid and spare my family body-guard duty while I pray in public.

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