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Pre-Hajj Checklist
In Progress
1 Did you get your passport ready?
2 Is it valid for 6 months?
3 Have you applied for Hajj/Umrah visa?
4 Have you taken the required vaccination shots?
5 Have you been informed about you sponsor (Mutawif)?
6 Have you read some literature on Hajj/Umrah?
7 Have you paid all your debts?
8 Have you bought the necessary Ihram clothes?
9 Have you prepared adequate funds for the journey?
10 Have you confirmed your flights?
11 Did you select the type of Hajj you intend to perform?
12 Have you understood the basic Hajj terminology?
13 Have you recited Talbiyah?
14 Have you written your will?
15 Did you leave enough money for your family?
16 Did you choose somebody to take care of your family while you are away?
  1. Almis Travel
    Rated 4.6/5
  2. Al Falah Hajj & Umrah Services
    Rated 4.5/5
  3. Glorious Tours Inc
    Rated 4.4/5
  4. London Prestige
    Rated 4.3/5
  5. Bismillah Hajj & Umrah
    Rated 4.3/5
  6. Hasan Hajj Tours London
    Rated 4.3/5
  7. Abu Muaaz Hajj & Umrah
    Rated 4.3/5
  8. Ikhlas Hajj Umrah Services
    Rated 4.3/5
  9. El Sawy Travel
    Rated 4.3/5
  10. Al-Manasik
    Rated 4.3/5
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